Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Attending the BBC Good Food Show

For the past 2 years I have been lucky enough to visit the Good Food Show Winter with my food technology A-level class. The BBC Good Food Show is held in Birmingham each year usually around late November to early December. This is held in the NEC exhibition centre, providing the perfect place for large volumes of exhibitors to come and show off their goods and skills to a vast audience, as the event attracted 112,000 visitors over the duration of the event in 2011.
Meeting the Sorted crew at the Kenwood stand in 2011
There are also a wide variety of celebrity chefs and TV icons found across the event. In 2013 I Was lucky enough to get into a signing for the Hairy Bikers, and have a brief conversation. Must admit, I was a bit awestruck by the fact I was speaking to these people who I have watched on television for many years. In both 2011 and 2012 I saw James Martin work his magic in the super theatre, where I did pick up a few Ideas for my own home baking! And last but certainly not least I also met ben Ebbrell and the Sorted crew, who are based on the internet bringing more people into their kitchens at home, by designing simple recipe ideas sure to impress.
The Hairy Bikers at their signing for WHSmiths in 2012
The day started with a very early start at my sixth form, to head off on our two and a half hour journey down to Birmingham. When arriving at the NEC for the first time I was astounded by the sheer size of the place, it seemed to go on forever! When we finally made it, were parked up and on our way inside, we were met by a host of friendly people giving out a stack of freebies! (you will never leave this place empty handed, I promise!). Walking into the main exhibition area for the first time is something I won't forget. It was filled with demonstration areas, little stalls selling absolutely anything and everything your may ever need or want in the kitchen, but the biggest thing to hit me was the size of the crowds at 9.30 am, it was so much larger than I was expecting. The crowd was an incredible mix of people from children on school trips, elderly, families and even businessmen and officials. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see such a varied group of people coming together, all showing their common interest in food (unless they were just coming to stare at the latest winner of GBBO John Whaite ;)
James Morton on the GBBO demonstration stage in 2012
Throughout the day I watched a number of demonstrations such as watching the Sorted crew create a 3 course meal in 20 minutes at the Kenwood stand, which was just like a real life version of the Jamie's 15 minute meals. I also saw a variety of chefs throughout the day at the M&S stand making seasonal warming meals using typical ingredients such as root vegetables and winter spices to make filling winter soups. My whole day was really made up of just drinking in the atmosphere and enjoying the whole experience, having the time to be able to talk to people and find out about their businesses or what it was that brought people to the show. At this show there is a balance between smaller independent exhibitors such as the cordial producers Belvoir Fruit Farms, who are based in Belvoir near Grantham. This was something of interest to me, not only because it really does taste great, but recently I have seen it being sold in some farm shops near my local area.
All in all, I believe the good food show to be a really good day out, reasonably priced tickets, lots to look at with 251 listed exhibitors and also the super theatre exhibitions. However, after going to the good food show winter the past two times, I now feel like change is in order, and would love to visit the summer show.
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Getting to know me

My name is Holly, I'm currently living at home doing my A levels, with a desire to study food at University. I decided to start a blog as a way to bring together my work, inspiration, and to also hopefully share some ideas with a wider audience. I have a keen interest in the product development side of the food industry, taking inspiration from places like the big supermarkets, to other small food blogs. One of my guilty pleasures is definitely going through blogs seeing those pictures people take of their meals when they go to restaurants, or make something fantastic themselves. Feel free to let me know if your the same, I can't be the only one! I have high hopes for a summer filled with fantastic food, and will be bringing you all along with me.
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